Seated Medical Examination Kiosk SKT-D1070

This medical check-up kiosk is one of SUNSON TECH’s patent products in the Medical industry; based on the reliable hardware, SUNSON developed its software, including the front-end, database, and back-end applications (Second Phase), which can offer the turnkey solution of primary health screening by increasing the availability and efficiency of essential health check-up functions, and also by providing a real-time monitoring system where customers can keep track and got access for all their previous health records and gained the ability to compare it VS the current results. This product is strictly produced under the MDSAP quality management system and already got ETL 60601 certification.


Hospitals, social welfare centers, nursing homes, pharmacies, schools, enterprises and institutions and other places

Standard Product Configuration

Module Performance Parameters
Main Control Industrial control motherboard, H81 chip, LGA1150 CPU architecture, 2 DDRIII memory slots, 1 VGA interface, 1 HDMI, 10 USB, 10 RS232 interfaces, ATX300W power supply; poweron start, timer switch function.
Capacitive Screen 15 inch capacitive integrated screen, VGA interface, DC12V, resolution 1024*768, USB interface, resolution 4096*4096.
Ads Screen 27 inch LCD screen, HDMI interface, with driver board (DC12), control button, rectifier board (DC24V), display ratio 16:10, resolution 1920 * 1080.
Sphygmomanometer USB interface, DC12V, roll type, arm circumference 16CM43CM, 16CM-43CM0mmhg-300mmhg, systolic blood pressure: 8.0-30.7KPA, diastolic pressure: 5.3-17.3KPA, 860HPA1060HAP.
Blood Oxygen USB interface, DC5V, blood oxygen saturation range 70%- 100%.
Weight 166 KG
Dimension 840W x 920D x 2105H(mm)
Body Temperature USB interface, DC5V, temperature measurement range 34-42.9 degrees, infrared sensing, distance 5-15CM, accuracy 0.2 degrees
BMI TTL interface, DC5V, multi-frequency two-way electric shock, measuring frequency 5KHZ, 50KHZ, 250KHZ, 500KHZ, measuring range 75-1500 ohms, left and right arms.
Electrocardiogram RS232 interface, DC5V, triple lead, with triple wire L1.5 m, wire
Slip Printing Pin 3.0, tricolor limb clip. DC12V, rs232 interface, paper width 58mm, half cut, paper will be full of function, white, with lock
Speakers Support multimedia voice system.
Power Supply AC110V AC input and output 150W, DC12V12A, 24V8A.
Voltage AC110V/220V, 300W
Communication Methods Ethernet CTP/IP protocol.


    • The product has passed ETL 60601 certification and is produced in strict accordance with ISO13485 medical system and MDSAP quality management system.
    • Self-service detection, accurate results, easy to use and network connection communication, data transmission to the public health platform, users can track the previous measured records, greatly improving medical work efficiency.
    • Voice, text, animation pilotage.
    • Support touch operation, simple and convenient.


The appearance design adopts the advertising screen and operation screen design scheme, which is stable and generous, the overall ergonomic design, the color collocation is reasonable, and the appearance process is fine, novel, beautiful and noble.

Basic Features

    • Blood pressure measurement
    • Blood oxygen measurement
    • Height measurement
    • Weight measurement
    • Body temperature measurement

Extended Features

    • BMI measurement
    • Slip printing
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Hand brace temperature
    • Barcode recognition


Low power motherboard, good heat dissipation effect, stable performance, long service life, good reliability, maintainability, easy to use, to meet national security and electromagnetic compatibility requirements


    • . The internal structure layout is reasonable; the wiring is neat and standardized, the strong and weak electricity is separated, and the independent wiring is effectively prevented from interfering with each other;
    • The casing is made of high-quality steel, hard and thick, not easy to deform, waterproof, dustproof, riot-proof, wear-resistant


    • Blood pressure, blood oxygen, height, weight, body temperature, BMI measurement
    • Touch screen operation, simple and intuitive, strong sense of user experience