Sunson Tech EPP V4,V5,V6, for indoor and outdoor use. The smart choice for companies looking for the most advanced Encrypted PIN Pad security features and one that can take the beating of everyday use. Flexible options for integration make the EPP v4,v5,v6 the right choice for manufacturers and integrators of ATMs, unattended payment devices and kiosks looking for a secure input option. The EPP is a solution deployed on endpoint devices to prevent file-based malware attacks, detect malicious activity, and provide the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts.

PCI Approved Pinpad

Harnessing the power of machine learning and endpoint detection and response technology, EPP solutions make it easy to quickly find and remediate fileless threats, zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced attacks.

Benefits of EPP:

When you vet the right EPP solution provider for your organization, not only will it help your secure your endpoints from cyber threats, but you’ll receive several positive outcomes that will benefit your organization, including; Full visibility into endpoints on your corporate endpoints and access them whenever you need.

  • Rest easy knowing a security expert is managing your endpoints 24x7x365 and will alert you if a threat is detected and blocked.
  • Directly integrate with a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tool.
  • No disruption to your current IT environment.
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR), which monitors endpoint events and saves the information for future analysis
  • Data loss prevention (DLP), which stops end users from sharing sensitive content outside of the organization

Benefits and Features:

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Integration framework:

An endpoint protection platform is ideally built on a framework that supports the sharing of information between security products, including third-party products that may already be installed in the organization. The latter may include intrusion prevention, DLP, and EDR. An open architecture permits all endpoints and endpoint security products across the organization to be visible and monitored via a single console or dashboard. Additionally, the collaborative exchange of information between products can enable identification and remediation of potential threats more quickly.