Sunson have well-trained and experienced hardware maintenance engineers that specialize in maintaining PCBs and modules. While ensuring ATMs to operate at high efficiency, we strive for passing savings onto our customers and keeping their maintenance costs at minimum.
Our large in stock inventory will certainly help in reducing lead time as well. Our strong and innovative research and development team keep developing and improving new products made us ahead in banking equipment field.

Full Metal Keyboard
  • Specially designed for harsh environment, used brushed stainless steel material.
  • Water proof design. It has good performance of water proof, dust proof and vandalism proof, which make it a good choice for public use or harsh environment.
  • Standard USB output.
  • Reinforced PCB to guarantee the mechanical stability.
  • Laser engraved characters for excellent durable.
  • Any language is available and it,s free of additional charge .
  • PCI PED Certification.
  • Customized layouts.
  • Support DES, Ttiples DES algorithm.
  • Encrypted keys and other sensitive data are self destruction when tamper attack.
  • -25℃~+60 temperature range.

Keyboard is mainly use for unattended internet terminals and information kiosks in public areas.
  • Financial equipments : Multi-purpose ATMs, self service Terminal in bank, Fuel dispensing machine. Information kiosk access, commercial kiosk.
  • Public equipments: ticket vending machines, Gas solution, industrial console, automatic vending machine. Self-service petrol Terminal, Military, airplane, medical equipment.

High Reliability

Sunson can provide all your advanced industrial input devices. Sunson Keypads and Keyboards are suitable for Finance, Chemicals/ Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Medical/Healthcare, Telecom/Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Pulp and Paper – Government/Defense/Military, Universities and Academia, Museums/Public Displays and industries where intense use and harsh environments prevail. For medical applications, our silicon keyboards are antimicrobial and disinfectants.