The best kiosk for hotels is designed with the hospitality industry in mind by Sunson.It should be fast, reliable, and have the ability to offer key functionalities that will help relieve the front desk during peak hours, allow check-ins at off-hours and let guests who are in a rush check out at their convenience.

Self Hotel Check In

When arriving at a hotel, the check-in process is essential to a guest’s first impression and can set the tone for their overall experience. KIOSK Information Systems, in partnership with an industryleading hospitality industry software partner, is introducing a modern and intuitive platform to automate guest check-in and check-out. It provides guests with a streamlined self-service option, while reducing critical staffing gaps for hotel operators. As part of this integration, automated identity verification, payment acceptance, and loyalty program lookup are among the available features that operators can provide for optimal front desk amenities paired with greater operational efficiency.

Benefits and Features:
  • Increased guest satisfaction with lower wait times and greater convenience tied to check-in and check-out transactions
  • 24/7 access to guest services including meal purchases, extra room keys, and on-demand check-out folio
  • Health safeguard with autonomous check-in and check-out, eliminating need for person-to-person contact.
  • Permanent automation platform to alleviate ongoing hospitality labor shortages common among hotel operators.
Benefits and Features:

You can generate incremental revenue by allowing guests can browse and purchase room upgrades or add-ons from the kiosk. Upselling additional services and add-ons like parking, bicycle rental, and a breakfast package room service are all fair game. Some guests feel more comfortable buying upgrades on their own terms, rather than while interacting with a staff member.

Service requests:

Guests can notify the front desk about any type of request, like asking for additional towels or to replace a lightbulb, without having to pick up the phone or wait in line to speak to someone in person. Employees can also benefit from the opportunity to triage and track these requests when they come in electronically.

Hotel information:

Guests can browse information about your outlets, spa, pool, parking options, neighborhood recommendations, and more on the kiosk interface.


Some kiosks also allow guests to create, modify, or cancel their reservations, similar to the functionality of the booking engine on your website.

Payment processing:

Check-in kiosks must handle registration forms and credit card processing meaning that these systems can also reduce chargeback and prevent fraud. Basically, a kiosk can handle nearly any task that does not require assistance from a human. It can also house any hotel information that might otherwise be printed in a guestbook or posted on signage.With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, KIOSK and industry partners help fulfill the need for automation without compromising on the guest