Hospital Check-In Kiosks are an ideal tool for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and dental clinics to streamline patient check-in. Patients can leverage a modern and engaging platform to notify staff they have arrived for an appointment and provide the routine pre-appointment data collection independently. A comprehensive component set is integrated to identify the patient, capture and validate insurance information, and digitize forms management. Secure card reader device options handle payment processing and integration into existing revenue cycle systems. Adding Sunson kiosk for a hospital to your facility’s operational plan can help augment staffing issues during times when hospitals experience a surge in patient visits.

Self Healthcare Kiosk
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The solution software is modular and can be easily customized to accommodate preferred facility workflow. Further, it integrates into all major Electronic Health Record systems for seamless data flow and accelerated deployment. The platform can also provide way finding and visitor management services, with optional components for badge or wristband printing.

Other benefits of a patient check-in kiosk include:

  • Improved patient information sharing amonghealthcare organizations.
  • Real-time patient authentication at check-in to drive down claim rejections, collection expenses and bad-debtwrite offs.
  • Improved accuracy of insurance information.
  • Point-of-service co-payment and fee collection capabilities to improve cash flow
  • Ability to identify and screen uninsured patients to suggest financial assistance options.
  • Open communication channels among providers to facilitate patient referral process
  • Tracking and reporting to ensure accurate registration records.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Alleviates widespread Administration staffing and labor shortage issues.
  • Reduces labor costs and administrative errors by eliminating duplicate entry of paper forms.
  • Reduces fraud by validating patient identity and insurance data as they enter the system.
  • Improves timely collections and facility profitability by automating collections at the time of service.
  • Lessens person-to-person contact for improved patient and staff well being.
  • Open communication channels among providers to facilitate patient referral process
  • Improves efficiency of front-line staff