• Smart CDM is one of SUNSON TECH’s patent products in retail industry, based on the reliable hardware, SUNSON developed its own software, includes the front end, data base and back end applications, which can offer the turnkey solution of cash deposit service by increasing the efficiency and security of the cash deposit, reduce the overall operational cost, provide a real time management system to give the store owner full authority to know the cash level in each branch and machines status.
  • This product is totally fit to be used in petrol stations, supermarkets, hospitals, toll offices, government offices, etc.. “any place where cash being collected during the day”

Solution Overview


System Overview


Smart CDM Solution Features

Smart Deposit

  • Support multi-denominations deposit
  • Banknote Validation by Colorful image scanning, Black/white image scanning, and UV Scanning.
  • Support cash serial no record (now for RMB only)
  • Risk Control

  • Ability to detect fake notes with acceptance rate up to 99%.
  • Full HD Camera for Video recording.
  • Remote Status monitoring solution to make sure the machines are always in service.
  • Security

  • High Secure cash bag with seals “ip65 rated”.
  • 8mm Safe box with Analog Lock.
  • Door alarm system with real time Email alerting notifications.
  • Des/Tri-Des Encryption (on request)
  • High efficiency

  • Accept up to 100 Notes per transaction with a counting speed of 720 Notes per Minute.
  • Serial number recorder for additional note validation.
  • Receipt printing after the deposit function to facilitate the money reconciliation process for Shift supervisors.
  • SMART CDM Product Advantages

    National Standard Equipment

    The cash accepting machine can ensures the counterfeiting and counting functions' accuracy of banknotes reaching the highest national standards.

    Modular Design

    It's easy and convenient to maintatin, with extended functions including UPS power supply, coin storage, alarm system, fingerprint, barcode scanner.

    Large capacity

    The cash bag can contain 10,000- 15,000 banknotes

    Safe and Reliable

    With dynamic password lock, UL authentication safety box, recording serial number function, 200W pixel camera recording the whole deposit process, and dispute can be traced.


    Intelligent and Efficient

    It supports mixed denominations counting, the counting speed is over 700 notes per minute, and the maximum amount of notes can be 200 each time.

    Envelope Deposit

    Support old banknotes, broken bannotes, cheque and so on to be deposited through the envelope.

    Flexible communication

    Network cable, WIFI, 4G (mobile, telecom, unicom).

    Easy management Tools

    The equipment status and transaction information can be Mapped in real time through PC terminal, APP, and it makes a statistics report according to the date, branch number and employee's number.

    SMART CDM Technical Specs

    Components Specifications
    Main control module Android 5.1, quad-core processor, 2G memory, 8G hard disk
    Screen 10.4 inches touch & display screen
    Printer Thermal printing, supporting graphics printing, text printing, automatic paper cutting, black mark detection, paper exhausted testing, anti paper jam function, paper width 80MM
    Encryption module Unionpay, national secret certification, with waterproof, dustproof, anti-leakage
    Identification denominations Support Multiples Currencies, please contact us to make sure we can accept your country currency.
    Counting speed ≧720 Notes / min
    Fake notes indentification More than 10 kinds of fake notes detection techniques that include multi-spectral images, uv optical characteristics, magnetic characteristics analysis, infrared images, thickness checking, etc
    Identify features can detecte the missing parts of banknotes, holes, corners, writing on notes, oil stains, tape, and variable COINS (splicing COINS).
    Cash in's capacity 200 Notes
    Sash Out's capacity 100 Notes
    Reject tray's capacity 100 Notes
    Cash bag's capacity 10000 Notes ~15000 Notes
    Cash bag The cash bag comes with seal to increase the security and the bag material is made of special waterproof and anti-cutting bank's material
    Equipment's size
    Package's size
    Equipment's weight 169KG, gross weight175kg
    Network access Ethernet, WIFI, 4G (mobile, telecom, unicom)
    Equipment power supply 220V(1±10%), 50Hz (1± 5%)
    Equipment power 300W

    Deployment Locations


    SMART CDM Solution Benefits

    Retail owners Benefits

    • Reduce end user operating cost
      • End user can optimize their collection process through more effective planning, less time, and reduction of staff costs.
    • Real Time Transaction Monitoring system.
      • By using our backend software, customers are able to keep track of all the transactions happened over the kiosk, also monitor the cash & machine status remotely.
    • Increase Cash Deposit security level.
      • equipped with sensors, and can reject counterfeit, dilapidated and suspicious notes
    • Count Mixed banknotes.
      • count up to 14 Mixed banknotes per second

    Banks or PSPs Benefits

    • Attract Key retailers players by offering a solution that facilitate the cash deposit and handling problem.
    • Make more profit by charging transaction fees on each deposit transaction retailer will perform.
    • Increase their brand awareness among retail industry.

    Investor / partner Benefits

    • Get the profit from selling SUNSON Solution “Hardware and software” to retails owners.
    • Get the profit from leasing SUNSON Solution “Hardware and software” to retails owners.
    • Establish a new business that related to FIN-Tech industry.

    SMART CDM Solution Functions

    SUNSON Software solution Functions

    • Cash Deposit
      • Support Multi Denominations deposit and up to 200 notes per transactions.
    • Envelope Deposit
      • Support Envelope deposit for coins or non verified notes (that the cash counter can’t accept it)
    • Terminal monitoring system
      • A real time monitoring application to monitor the machines status and auto reporting whenever it goes out of service or having any module failure.
    • Cash Status level
      • A real time application to show the store owner the cash level store in each machine.
    • Issue a trouble shooting ticket
      • In case of any hardware failure the store owner has the ability to issue a troubleshooting ticket to ask for maintenance service.
    • Order Cash transportation service
      • Ask either the bank / the 3rd party transportation company / or even staff to remove the safe bag from the machine and deliver it to the bank for physical cash delivery.
    And so more functions and reports can be generated upon customer requests.